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Earth to Table: Bread Bar is a living extension of the food philosophy that began when writing the Earth to Table cookbook. Earth to Table celebrates what is best about food and is trying to shorten the gap between producers and consumer.

Bread Bar celebrates and cooks with the seasons. We offer handcrafted food, made with the finest ingredients for people who want a better quality meal. Good Ingredients Matter.

Our Hamilton location opened in 2010 and we open a second location in 2015 in Guelph.

Manifesto: What you can do to get a little more ETT in your life?

Enjoy: When you practice the Earth to Table philosophy everything tastes better! When it's in season and perfectly ripe, life is good. FeastON

Explore: There is a lot of food out there that you’re not enjoying simply because you’ve never heard of it. See what food artisans are in your area: cheesemakers, bakers, winemakers, butchers. They will probably knock your socks off.

Meet a farmer: Part of the appeal of local, seasonal eating is making meaningful connections. Joining a local CSA is about as good as it gets for you and for the farmer.

Plant a garden: Nothing will attune you to the Earth to Table experience more than growing your own food. You will pay attention to the subtle change in seasons and be so proud to share your harvest. Don't have space? click here

Pick one thing: There is no reason to think of this as an "all or nothing" proposition. No one sources all their food locally. We started with one thing (chicken as a matter of fact) and before long we were drawn to do more.

Pay for it: Good food isn’t expensive; conventional food is cheap. We always get what we pay for. We want to pay for the most sun-drenched produce, humanely raised meat and skillfully produced spirits. For us and the environment.

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