Some of Our Team


Jeff Crump is the founder of Earth to Table, chef and author. A Canadian Slow Food pioneer with a passion for great food.



Bettina Schormann is a founder of Earth to Table. She's a talented pastry chef who has trained in Toronto, Paris & NYC.



Katrina started with us as a server... she developed a passion for all things bread. We could not be more thrilled that she is now our head baker.


Maria Guarnieri is Service Director for both Bread Bars.  Biggest smile on the team. 


Holly Gibb is our Assistant General Manager. She has been a manager at Bread Bar since day one.  


Finn Axel Jay Johnson-Crump is head of quality control.

Mike the hulk

Mike is our head Chef...and such a manly man.

Featured Recipe


Buttermilk Panna Cotta

Panna cotta, a custard set with gelatin, is an excellent way to present fruit all year round. The tartness of the buttermilk will complement both sweet summer compotes and sugary winter preserves.